Live Your
True Essence

Is it possible to live your true essence? Can you identify and move past your fears to transform your life into a flow state? Do you feel you were meant for so much more than you currently experience?

Rose Santiago has done it! In her latest self-help book, Live Your True Essence: Transform Fear to Flow she will share her incredible journey through winding roads and the uneven plains of the life experiences and physical challenges she overcame to discover the true essence of who she is in mind, body, and spirit. Combined here are her 20+ years of research and education on spirituality, essential oils, and aromatherapy. Her passion for knowledge and her wish to help others who struggle with disempowering thoughts, limiting beliefs, and health imbalances have made her want to share what she has learned and studied. It’s time to transform yourself!

By following Rose Santiago’s steps and applying them to your journey, you will learn tried and tested strategies that will allow you to:

  • Move beyond fear to tap into the higher part of yourself that can create limitless possibilities for you.
  • Develop behaviors and beliefs that can serve you to engage and maintain the flow state of focus and enjoyment in your daily life.
  • Understand how to have a positive mindset, learn the value of gratitude, and enhance your powerful and transformative qualities despite doubts or setbacks to live a purpose-driven life.
  • Learn the harmful effects of toxic chemicals on your body and explore the world of essential oils and aromatherapy to enhance mood, manage pain and discomfort, and improve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances.
  • Create magic in your life as you master these tools for growth, such as meditations, affirmations, and visualizations to create magic in your life.
  • And so much more!

Jump-start your path today to living that extraordinary essence of your true purpose. Transform and step into the divine essence of your flow.

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Rose Santiago

Author of Live Your True Essence

Rose Santiago is a proud mother, author, speaker, and business owner and loves sharing her ideas, thoughts, and philosophies. She has learned vital principles and simple strategies from authors like Wayne Dyer and Lisa Nickels, that have inspired her to write. With her almost two decades of studies in the world of essential oils and her more than 20 years of research and research in the subject of spiritual enlightenment, Rose knows first-hand how to help create a fundamental transformation in people’s lives.

Rose lives in New Jersey and uses her time to volunteer with organizations like the National Federation of the blind and the Lion’s Club. Their services help empower the blind and physically challenged and assist in disaster efforts, disease, and creating services that open doors to a life of independents. In her spare time, Rose also enjoys traveling, the beach, and cooking healthy dishes.

Been reading Rose's story and I love her spirit and tenacity to see the light in her life through her darkness. Her will to not give up is inspiring and I love the action exercise that she has included in the book. Her stories are intriguing and really hit home to start living a life to your true essence. Thank you for your courage to be the example in the world to show up authentically as you are and invite others to do the same. Your energy is beautiful and you are a gift to this world. And for those considering reading this book know that it will open your heart in ways that create more love and send you into a life of your choosing.







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